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Our team provides services to get you and your team on the road faster and more efficiently.

Rental & Leasing

Whether you work in a seasonal or cyclical industry, we provide a full range of truck rental vehicles to choose from and full service leasing.


Prefer to own your own fleet but outsource maintenance? We provide contract maintenance to cover all your vehicle's needs.

Available Equipment

Because we use preventative maintenance schedules that exceed industry standards, our used equipment is well maintained and dependable.

We are driven by values.

Parrish Leasing is family owned and operated for over fifty years. We put our team and our clients first. You focus on what you do best and we will handle the rest.
The team at Parrish Leasing was great! They worked with me step-by-step to maintain my delivery vehicles.
Kate Ryan
Co-founder, Roovie Creative

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